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Embark on a journey of myriad sensations with Destination One across the most coveted islands of Greece. Our mission as leading travel experts is to make sure you never miss a bit.


The Best of Greek Summer

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Exploring the Aegean feels like a dream where fascinating attractions and hidden gems await on every corner. Unlock the best during your Greek adventure with Destination One. From Rhodes to Kos and all the way to Crete, unveil our stunning destinations.


A holiday wouldn’t be long enough to explore the beauty of Rhodes, but at Destination One we know where to start. Let us plan your way and take you to wanderlust beaches, mythical ruins like the Acropolis of Lindos, the Old Town’s stunning Medieval castle and the most nostalgic scenic villages.


Destination One promises to unlock for you the best of Kos, Greece. Weave through the magical landscapes of the island, the heavenly beaches, the imposing castles and the illustrious ancient Greek and Roman ruins of Kos and let us introduce you to the gems of the famous birthplace of Hippocrates!


A vast island, a world alone! Gorgeous Crete beckons and Destination One holds the key to unlocking its most arresting secrets. From the picturesque port of Chania to lively Heraklion, the fascinating palaces of the Minoan civilization and the pristine beauty of some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches, a journey of emotions begins.