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About Us


About Us

Destination One Values & People

A Team of Tourism Experts

Creating Quality Summer Experiences

First and foremost, Destination One is dedicated to building from scratch, high-quality travel experiences, tours and excursions for tour operators involved in incoming leisure and business travel, and managing their day-to-day operation to the last detail, offering effective programs with the potential of increased profitability and minimum effort on behalf of our global partners. Using automated and highly innovative technological tools, our programs offer time-efficient and cost-effective solutions for our partners, with comprehensive support services at their disposal at all times.

About Us

The Values

About Us

At Destination One, we seek not only to create popular, successful products for your investment but to offer a smooth operation flow for your tours and excursions that minimizes time spent in problem-solving and day-to-day management.


About Us

The Competitive Advantages

A Modern Approach to Tourism Services

Our team’s collective wealth of knowledge, both with regard to the tourism industry and the creation and delivery of modern and impressive tours, excursions and sightseeing experiences, gives our partners a competitive advantage when selecting Destination One as their handler. Our innovative solutions, skillful negotiation tactics and effective management of all our operations ensure your offerings will be effortlessly profitable and memorable.

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Priority in Contracting
Excellent Hotel Contact
Powerful Negotiation
Consulting on New Trends
Modern and Safe Transportation Solutions
Creation and Execution of Excursion Program on Site
Problem-Solving on Site
Airport Assistance
Modern Office Space
Quality Rent a Car Service
Marketing Promotion on Destination
24hr Assistance
The Team


About Us


Our people, the backbone of our operation come from a diverse group of tourism and management professionals, united by a common denominator; their passion for providing comprehensive, effective e-solutions for our clients through their expertise. Hand-picked both for their work experience and ethics, as well as for their determination to constant improvement and innovation, the Destination One team is your trusted partner on the path to success.

CEO of Destination One

Anastasios Chatziliamis


Anastasios (Tasos), has been brought up in tourism following the steps of his father, Ioannis Chatziliamis, a renowned figure of Greek tourism.

Tasos built Destination One in 2014 from scratch with the vision of creating the most innovative, tech-friendly, and modern DMC on the Greek islands. Considered as the face behind Destination One, Tasos supports the talented people of the company to achieve well set goals and objectives of pursuing constant healthy growth with absolute client satisfaction.

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CCO of Destination One

Marketa Svobodna


Marketa is the co-founder as well as in many ways the inspiration and soul of the company.

She is supporting the goals of the company and is a strong believer of our will to grow in a stable way and in a healthy and caring working environment. Her marketing as well as communication skills are obvious in all ways that the company is presenting itself, as well as the message that Destination One is all about, bringing innovation and modern approach to an incoming agency in Greece.

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About Us

Prodromos Kotzatapanis

Director, Kos branch

Prodromos has gained great experience in incoming tourism, as he has passed from many positions within several DMC’s on Kos including reservations, excursions, traffic and operations.

We are lucky to have Prodromos as our Director of Kos, as he has increased productivity, and brought enthusiasm and modern ideas on the operation of the branch. A talented director with the capacity to fulfil all aspects of our operations with his strong team, on the island of Kos.

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Destination One - Director Crete branch

Dimitrios Markogiannakis

Director, Chania branch

Dimitris is a skilled director of our Crete branch with a hunger to become great in his position and bring Destination One into new growth on the biggest Greek island.

With an experience on tourism derived by hotels and agencies, Dimitris has created a vast network of working relationships on the island and is leading our Cretan team.

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Director of Heraklion Branch


Director, Heraklion Branch

With a remarkable tenure of over 25 years in the hospitality sector, George stands at the helm of our Heraklion branch, embodying the pinnacle of professional excellence and dedication. 

His career is decorated with an array of professional qualifications and distinguished roles, ranging from being a General Manager at leading hotel resorts to pivotal positions within premier tourism and travel corporations. George’s profound expertise is not just in managing operations but in weaving the essence of destination management into the fabric of our brand's promise.
At the core of his vision lies a commitment to driving organizational effectiveness and spearheading market development strategies that resonate deeply with our partner objectives and the overarching goals of Destination One. George’s strategic acumen and innovative approach are instrumental in shaping the future of our company, ensuring that we continue to stand as a beacon of excellence in the hospitality industry.
Welcome aboard, George. Together, we look forward to setting new benchmarks and achieving unparalleled success.

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About Us

Anna Diakomanoli

Senior Product Manager

One of our many gifted managers, Anna is also one of our earliest team members. She is heading our Product team and is behind our successful hotel portfolio creation procedure.

Its known that Destination One owns one of the biggest bed banks on the Greek islands, with attractive rates and great conditions and it is mostly because of Anna and her team that we have created it. Anna is a strong pillar of our accommodation department and together with her team, provides and expands our established product portfolio.

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About Us

Angie Giannari

Senior Accounting Manager

The head of one of our most critical departments, is a very strong and assertive professional, with great knowledge of both theoretical and practical accounting.

Angie has created a formidable team that leads our modern accounting department into the future and into new challenges. She is also our gatekeeper for our constant growth and profitability for which any company should be fortunate to have.

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About Us

Stratos Kyriakidis


Some call him a wizard, others just a great hacker, for us Stratos is our head of technology and much more.

Sharing the vision of the informational revolution in business, Stratos has assisted Destination One to become the most technologically advanced DMC’s in Greece. The secret lies in connectivity, data analysis and a modern and tech-friendly environment as well as innovations and the use of pioneering tools.

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About Us

Maria Diakonastasi

Product Manager/Reservations Manager

Maria with her strong personality and determination, brings talent and inspiration to the product department and supervises the reservation department.

She is known for being a solution-driven person that is not afraid to work hard to achieve our goals. Maria is one of our gifted team members and any team in Destination One is blessed to be working with her.

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About Us

Chrysoula Zamagia

Senior Reservations Agent

Chrysa is leading our reservations team into the vast unknown of the hotel bookings.

Handling more than 12 tour operators on three islands and more than 128k clients, Chrysa and her team are able to overpass problems and swim through high-season issues, and delivering an extraordinary service of accommodation support.

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About Us

Anna Matarrelli

Senior Reservations Agent

Anna has been with us from the beginning and with her vast knowledge and experience in the field of tourism, supports greatly our reservations team.

Together with the rest of the team, Anna is providing excellent accommodation services to our clients and is able to handle even the most difficult and unexpected issues during the season.

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About Us

Yota Ganas

Reservations Agent

Yota is one of our great reservation agents with experience in tourism and incoming agencies that is making valuable contributions to our customer service.

With a motivation to fulfill the needs of our clientelle, Yota is supporting the rest of the reservation team.

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Destination One - Reservations Agent

Maria Papamichail

Reservations Agent

Maria is our young and driven reservation agent, that has impressed us with her loyalty, motivation and will to work hard over the years. She offers yet another strong team member to our reservations department and assists the two supervising agents in a very good way. 

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About Us

Eleni Berdoussi

Operations Manager, Rhodes

Few have the tourism logistical and operational knowledge in Greece that Eleni owns.

Through years of experience in leisure and business travel, Eleni leads our team of operations on the island of Rhodes. With a hard-working mentality and a perfectionist approach to service, Eleni has managed to form a formidable team that provide excellent services to our multitude of clients on the island of Rhodes.

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Destination One - Traffic Manager

Giannis Tzouanakis

Transportation and logistics manager

Giannis is an experienced traffic manager on the island of Rhodes and his eye for detail is supporting our efficiency and delivery of quality services on the very important logistics department.

He is responsible for all vehicle related operations as well as the airport supervising. 

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About Us

Eugenia Kalopetri

Operations Assistant

Evi, our operations assistant provides for the much needed support in all aspects of the operation on the island of Rhodes and particularly in tours, activities, groups and transfers.

Evi entered our company dynamically and made a difference in supporting our operation team and sharing our strategy for growth.

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Destination One - Airport Manager

Kostantina Verouti

Airport Manager Rhodes

While handling thousands of arrivals and departure during the season, Kostantina is an excellent airport manager able to deal with any issue that may arise in the middle of a busy summer.

Our operation team on Rhodes, is fortunate to have Kostantina at Rhodes airport and surely our guests too.

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Destination One - Airport Assistant, Rhodes

Michail Tzouanakis


Our youngest team member, Michali is a committed and passionate individual that delivers high quality support to our airport team. 

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Destination One - Airport Manager Kos

Mioara Grouzoudis

Airport Manager Kos

Mioara supports our team of operations on the island of Kos,

by handling thousands of passengers on the very busy airport of Kos and making sure that everyone is being delivered excellent logistical support and services.

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About Us

Fani Papakalodouka

B2C Manager

Fani is managing our portfolio of tours and services to our end consumers through our shops, Hotelink concierge software and our b2c website.

She is oriented towards a constant growth and expansion or our b2c business model, and has delivered tremendous efforts in that direction.

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Accounts Payable Manager

Pavlos Kitsais

Accounts Payable Manager

Pavlos is responsible for dealing with all our esteemed suppliers, handling accounting data and payments. A meticulus task that becomes challenging with the constant growth of our business and size. 

With great organizational skills and knowledge in the perplexed accounting field, Pavlos is securing our accounts payable and supporting the department and the company to continue its path to success. Having the vision of the company in mind and the detailed instructions of the department head, Pavlos is a valuable asset to D1

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About Us

Zafeiroula Chatzipappa

Accounts Receivable Manager

Roula is a very loyal and important element of our accounting team, and has been with us almost since the beginning.

Her motivation and drive as well as the will to deliver to the maximum is evident in the invoicing, liquidation and accounting management of our revenue in Destination One.

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Destination One - Accounting Assistant

Christina Diakosavva

Accounting Assistant

Christina is a kind and motivated person that contributes to the multiple needs of our modern accounting department. Her valuable input is helping the team of accounting to deliver quality services to our clients but also so that our company follows the policy of constant growth. 

Her valuable input is helping the team of accounting to deliver quality services to our clients but also so that our company follows the policy of constant growth.

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Destination One - Operation Manager Crete

Aristidis Tsilimigkakis

Operations Manager, Chania branch

The logistical support of our team on the island of Crete and particularly Chania, is handled by Aris. His professionalism together with his devotion are the ingredients of the much demanded quality service delivered by D1. 

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Destination One - Operations Assistant, Crete

Zanina Lionaki

Operations Assistant, Chania branch

A passionate and dedicated individual that is assisting our team of Chania in delivering excellent services. Her devotion to D1 and to its guests is impeccable and obvious to her work in everything she handles.  

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Heraklion Branch Operation Manager


Operations Manager, Heraklion branch

Marie Del Signore, our distinguished Operations Manager and the heart of customer service at the Heraklion branch, brings a wealth of expertise and a profound passion for creating unforgettable holiday experiences.

Her exceptional journey in the realm of customer care is marked by an in-depth understanding of what makes a holiday truly memorable. Marie’s extensive background includes pivotal roles as a Destination Manager for renowned European tour operators, where she honed her skills in crafting perfect getaways tailored to every traveler's dream.
With a spirit that has traversed the globe, Marie continuously infuses our operations with fresh, innovative ideas gleaned from her worldwide adventures. Now at the helm of all operations for our Heraklion branch, her enthusiasm and visionary approach are shaping the future of our customer experiences. Marie's commitment to excellence and her unparalleled ability to anticipate and meet the needs of our guests ensure that every journey with Destination One is not just a trip but a passage to lasting memories.
We are thrilled to have Marie lead our operations in Heraklion, where her expertise and passion are key to our mission of delivering extraordinary holiday experiences.

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