Destination One is an incoming travel agency
operating on the Greek islands of Rhodes and Kos


Destination One is an incoming tourism agency, operating on the Greek islands. We focus on establishing remarkable product portfolios for our tour operators on our destinations that they can offer to their clientele. Additionally we manage the clients of the tour operators on our destinations by offering quality services of transportation and local sea and land excursions as well as office and representation support. We now handle more than 75.000 clients on Rhodes and Kos islands through our partners, that have shown an increasing annual trend the past years.

Our headquarters in Rhodes town are located in a strategic location on the main avenue connecting the town, the south of the island and the airport. The office is brand new and designed from scratch to match the working environment of 2015 for both our team and the tour operators. Our branch office in Kos is also designed with location and efficiency in mind.


Destination One is an all-tech company.

We are utilizing technology as a main tool to maximize productivity and efficiency.

All our systems are cloud based and our team is utilizing Microsoft’s Office 365 and the capabilities of Microsoft cloud for their everyday operation and communication, including the communication between our company branches.

Our CRS is handling the reservations for all our destinations and it is based in the cloud with web interface for all users so that a physical connection is no longer needed for any user. Our team can work from both home and office as well as from abroad and deliver excellent quality service using our high tech tools to provide client satisfaction.

We have a dynamic logistics operation for the transportation of clients from and to their points of entry to our destinations. We are using a state of the art logistics program with web interface and our team is equipped with tablets for use in the airports and ports. Our fleet is equipped with GPS tracking system which can track any bus in real time on a map application on our team’s laptop or tablet.

We provide quality excursions to our clientele, sold through online sales from the tour operator hosts with the use of our company tablets and Bluetooth mobile printers. This way the clients receive printed tickets for our excursions on the spot and our back office is informed in real time about the sales of excursions through the day for all destinations.


  Priority in contracting
  Excellent hotel contact
  Powerful negotiation
  Consulting on new trends
  Modern and Safe transportation solutions
  Creation and execution of excursion program on site
  Problem solving on site
  Airport assistance
  Modern office space
  Quality Rent a car service
  Marketing promotion on destination
  24hr Assistance


Our Office in Rhodes
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Our Office in Rhodes
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Our Office in Rhodes
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Our Office in Kos
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Our Office in Kos
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Our Office in Kos
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Starting from our destination managers, with their expertise and experience in the field of incoming tourism, they aim to meet the growth criteria of our partner-tour operators by offering them the best possible hotel deals keeping ahead of the competition. Last minute sales are crucial in this business and our self-sufficient and highly motivated reservations team have a proven record in filling up empty seat capacities in all our destinations in order for them to satisfy our partners needs. Logistics, traffic and local excursions are handled by our operations team, with the use of the latest technological tools for incoming tourism.

Program Development

Plan, organize and initiate a tour operator’s program.

Contract Negotiation

With hoteliers and other suppliers.


Office space and representation solutions in house

Program of tours

Custom tours per market for tour operator’s clients

Know how

Local knowledge and expertise the destinations.

Transfer Logistics

Airport - Port and point to point transfers

Conferences and Incentives

Complete undertaking of conferences, events and incentive trips

Bulk Buying

Rooms and services in volume


We now handle more than 75.000 clients on Rhodes and Kos islands with an increasing annual rate of development and new partners coming every year to be added to our partner list.


With a modern approach to handling tour operators in Greece, our company is built from scratch with a very interesting team of young, experienced and determined individuals. The business portfolio of Destination One, contains partners from Europe and at its estimated first year of operation is expected to handle between 75-80k passengers on Rhodes and Kos islands.

Anastasios Chatziliamis

Anastasios (Tasos), has been brought up in tourism following the steps of his father Ioannis Chatziliamis, who had more than 46 years of experience in the field of incoming tourism in Greece. From a young age he started experiencing all areas of tourism such as transportation and logistics, airport handling, reservations and accounting. During his studying period he also went through the hotel business as an intern, gaining valuable experience from the position. Passing a period of specialization in conferences and events after his army duties, he later took the position of marketing and contracting, next to his father. Having successfully opened new cooperation horizons in new markets, he rose to the position of general manager. After changes in the family company he became Managing Director of an affiliate travel agency for Rhodes and Kos islands, until he decided that the timing was correct for his own private company to initiate and Destination One took flesh and bones.

Marketa Svobodna

Marketa, studied in the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague economics and management where she obtained her Master’s degree. Since then she has worked for one of the biggest tour operators of Czech republic as marketing manager. There she gained experience in catalogue publishing, advertising and barter agreements as well as organization of product launches in tourism. After moving to Rhodes Island, Marketa worked in one of the first Marketing companies established in Rhodes and managed many projects successfully in the years there until she became senior marketing manager. In her latest endeavor Marketa is part of Destination One as its Chief Commercial Officer, designing the strategy of communications, sales and marketing and inspiring our team to strive to success.

Anna Diakomanoli
Reservations Supervisor

With studies in both Greece and England and a small pass to the banking world, Anna has always been involved in tourism professions. Following the team of Tasos from the beginning, Anna was working with him as he first interviewed her in 2005. After many years and changes in companies Anna has gained adequate experience and elevated to become Destination One’s reservation supervisor. Anna has handled and managed the reservations of different tour operators during the years and now she is responsible for supervising the operation and control of our reservations team.

Katja Kougras
Contracting Executive Assistant

Born and raised in Germany, Katja moved back to her father’s island after studying in Freiburg Tourism and after experiencing first hand mass tourism as a representative of one of the biggest German tour operators in Spain. On Rhodes, she worked for both hotel chains and for incoming agencies where she handled groups, reservations, cruises and of course sales. Our contracts department needed a strong team player and this is when Katja joined our dynamic team. Katja is apart from a contracting aide the executive assistant to the CEO of Destination One.

Charalampos Loukaras

The centre of our bloodline passes from the finance department in Destination One and as such we needed in our team a strong player to be our CFO. Haris is an economist with a Master’s degree in Tourism from England. In the past he has been the Director of a subsidiary organisation of the Chamber of Commerce of the Dodecanese and as a pioneer and scientific moderator of the first Tourism Research Body (think tank) of the chamber of commerce. Haris has created two consulting firms on the island and is also our Financial Officer from 2016. With the addition of Haris in our team Destination One is completed and most updated from both the theoretical and practical side.

Nikos Potiris

Our accounting department has been enhanced this year with a very experienced accountant, that used to work for many years in a known accounting firm on Rhodes island. Nikos, is part of our internal accounting and keeps track of the Greek suppliers as well as monitoring the daily cash flow of our company. Together with the rest of the team and our CFO they are the backbone of our office making sure we are always on the correct side of the road.

Antonis Kougios
Business Development

Antonis is a multitasking person in charge of the development of our work in many ways, including sales and new customers as well as enhancing existing business locally on our destinations. Armed with his extensive experience in the field of DMC, hotels and also having worked in both local companies as well as international organizations, Antonis has the full skillset for the job at hand. A strong and social person with an international background, he is a vital link between us and our core business partners during the season and a key sales person for the winter time in order for us to enhance our portfolio. Antonis is handling the development of our current business on both islands, having as a base Rhodes and utilising in an excellent way all tools given by our company.

Prodromos Kotzatapanis
Traffic and Operations Kos

Prodromos has gained great experience in incoming tourism, as he has passed from the reservations, excursions and finally traffic and operations of an incoming agency. Few on the island of Kos can be so good in logistics and operations as him and at the same time be so open spirited and with a constant need to learn. Prodromos has studied in France and actually lived there most of his life, until being re-united with his ancestral city of Kos. The European mentality in combination with the efficiency and experience of Prodromos, are the foundations of a great team player and operations manager.

Eleni Berdoussi
Operations Manager

With great experience in the logistics and traffic handling, Eleni comes to Destination One re-uniting her knowledge with Tasos since they were both working together in the past in another DMC. Eleni has played major roles in both handling incoming tourism but also as one of the pioneers in handling big events, conferences and incentives on Rhodes. Her absolute control over traffic management and yield is a major innovation for our team. Eleni has a clear concept of quality in the service provided to our partners combined with many years of experience in best practices. Destination One will benefit from Eleni’s vision to offer the best possible service to our tour operators.

Fani Papakalodouka
Excursions, Liquidation

Since 2005, Fani is working in incoming agencies in Rhodes and has accumulated experience in the field of the traffic, logistics and tours. She has studied tourism professions and is determined to excel in her department by creating a very good customised program of excursions for our clients. Fani accepted the challenge to come on board Destination One in its initial year of operation, as she saw a great opportunity to work with an excellent team of colleagues.

Suzan Kerkvliet
Reservations Agent

Suzan worked in Rhodes as a destination manager for one of the biggest tour operators and handled thousands of people in hotels on Rhodes Island. Knowing tourism from within Suzan came to our team and she is with us for 3 years now as a reservation agent handling our Czech and Slovak clients. Very efficient and a results person, Suzan is a vital part of our dynamic team.

Anna Matarrelli
Senior Reservations Agent

Anna has started her career in tourism as a tour guide and in her way became destination manager for one of the biggest Italian tour operators on Rhodes. Her career path continued in Rhodes for many years in incoming agencies and today she is one of our senior reservations agents. With her fiery Italian mentality and professionalism derived from many years in tourism as well as having the ability to have been on both sides, the tour operator’s and the local agents side. Anna is a solutions provider as she can handle difficult situations and make the best out of them using resources available. Anna is currently handling our Italian tour operators for Rhodes and Kos islands.

Mattie Seegers - Vernali
Reservations Agent Kos

With experience in Holland gained by working in government organizations, Mattie came to Greece and passed also from hotels in her career path, until coming to the position of reservation agent 6 years ago. With a strong “Dutch” attitude towards reality, Mattie is a person that wants the work done and will achieve it. In Destination One, Mattie is responsible for our operations and traffic dispatching, under the supervision of our Kos office manager.

Maria Diakonastasi
Reservations Agent

Maria is a young driven and inspired person that has experience in the reservations department of incoming agencies and is a great addition to our team. With a strong personality and perseverance to achieve the maximum, Maria is a new member of our reservations department and is not afraid of work, moreover she takes matters into her hands and provides solutions when needed.

Agnieszka Nowicka
General Secretary

Agnieszka came to Rhodes and decided to live here, having both love for the island and the people. She came to us from Poland and was very happy to join our team of enthusiastic people in Destination One. Agnieszka has studied in her hometown, Poznan and worked in several businesses there in secretarial and general management services. In Destination One she is the general secretary and responsible for our office, reps assistant and liaising with our suppliers.


We aim to meet the growth criteria of our partner tour operators by offering the best possible hotel deals keeping ahead of the competition


Destination One represents tour operators from all over the world, handling their traffic in Greece which reaches more than 75.000 people.

With the use of the latest technological advances in logistics, reservations and incoming agency software, our team manages the product development, purchasing and operations of our partners on our destinations.

Our tools in this effort are experience, know-how, coherence and trust.


Destination One is operating on the Dodecanese Region which is a strategic and historic area of development of the Greek Tourism Industry. As of last year Rhodes welcomed more than 2 million charter travellers and Kos another 1 million.

Destination One is operating on the Dodecanese Region which is a strategic and historic area of development of the Greek Tourism Industry. The first charter arrivals started in the late 50’s in Rhodes and later Kos and of course after the whole region became of great importance for the tourism product of our country which opened the doors to international tourism for the rest of the destinations. As of last year Rhodes welcomed more than 2 million charter travellers and Kos another 1 million.


Rhodes is a cosmopolitan resort with a history of 4000 years. It is located in the SE end of the Aegean and is the biggest island of the Dodecanese with an area of 1400 sq. km and a population of over 122.000 inhabitants. The city of Rhodes is built in the northern end of the island and has all the characteristics of a modern city with a history that varies from the Antiquity to the medieval times and from the Byzantine to the Recent Years. At the entrance to the harbour (Mandraki), two deer’s made of copper are standing in the place where according to the tradition the Colossus was located, one of the Seven ancient Wonders of the World.The Medieval Town of Rhodes (the Old Town) is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and is an integral piece of the city of Rhodes. Within the Medieval walls, you can admire squares with fountains, museums, art galleries, churches, Turkish baths, the Palace of the Grand Master or the famous Street of the Knights. The Old Town constitutes a living piece of the past and the heart of new Rhodes as it is the only living inhabitable Old town in the world. Rhodes has a large International Airport and a developed network of maritime transports.

  • Area: 1408 sq. km
  • Length: 79,7 km
  • Width: 38 km
  • Coastline: 220 km
  • Highest Peak: Mt. Attavyros, 1216 m
  • Country: Greece
  • Region: South Aegean
  • Prefecture: Dodecanese
  • Capital: Rhodes Town
  • Population: 115.490 (as of 2011)
  • Density: 82/sq. km
  • Capital: Rhodes Town (67.000)
  • Main Source: Tourism
  • Secondary Sources: transformation, agriculture, secondary manufacturing
  • Currency: Euro


Kos is a splash of deep green located between ‘Kalimnos’ and ‘Nissiros’ Islands. Among the thousands of impressive sights are the ‘Asklepeion’, the famous plane of ‘Hippocrates’ stands in front of the ‘Castle of the Knights’, at the centre of Kos town. It’s a massive tree with an edge of twelve meters and is considered to be the largest in Europe. The inhabitants maintain that it was planted by Hippocrates, the supreme doctor in antiquity, who used to teach under its shade. According to tradition, the ‘Apostle Paul’ also taught there. On this site, cultural festivals are held each summer. The mosque of ‘Gazi Hassan’, the Ancient Agora, the houses dating from the roman era with the fabulous mosaics, the ‘Palace of the Knights of St.John’, in the town of Kos, the early ‘Christian Churches’ with their noteworthy frescos. The island also has many famous for the charm, quiet fishing villages, and beaches, ranging from empty to full. Besides its breath taking golden sandy beaches, the island is also steeped in monuments, remnants from its glorious past, making it the ideal holiday destination, not only as a choice between other Greek islands but on a worldwide scale. It is also ideal for educational or school trips, (rich in history and famous since mythological times), scientific, hiking or mountain climbing, rural, curative or therapeutic, religious and athletic tourism and it also boasts some of the most advanced conference centres in the world as well as a modern marina. The islanders make their living from fishing, animal farming, and agriculture but, by far, the tourist trade has taken over. Kos has so much to offer that it can cater to each individual taste for an unforgettable holiday.

  • Area: 287.2 sq. km
  • Length: 41,75 km
  • Width: 11 km
  • Coastline: 112 km
  • Highest Peak: Mt Dikaios, 846 m
  • Country: Greece
  • Region: South Aegean
  • Prefecture: Dodecanese
  • Capital: Rhodes Town
  • Population: 30.947 (as of 2011)
  • Density: 108/sq. km
  • Capital: Kos Town
  • Main Source: Tourism
  • Currency: Euro


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5th km Rhodes - Lindos Ave
85100 Rhodes - Greece
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18, Asklipiou corner
85300 Kos - Greece
+30 22420 30005
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